Norman McLaren Centenary Film Tour

To celebrate Norman McLaren's incredible catalogue of films and his enduring legacy, McLaren 2014 in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada, present this special screening of classic McLaren short films that will delight and inspire.

Le Merle by Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart  © 1958The National Film Board of Canada
This screening features films from the National Film Board of Canada including films which connect to his formative years in the UK and of course, some of the films for which he is most known and highly regarded.

Subject to small changes, the programme of shorts will last 1h20 and include: OPENING SPEECH (1961), BLINKITY BLANK (1955), LE MERLE (1958), PAS DE DEUX (1968), SYNCHROMY (1971), LINES HORIZONTAL (1962), NEIGHBOURS (1952), Là-HAUT SUR CES MONTAGNES (1945), V is for VICTORY (1941), LOVE ON THE WING (1938), HEN HOP (1942),  BEGONE DULL CARE (1949) and A CHAIRY TALE (1957).

More images of the films can be found here.

The Film Tour will be presented in various public venues in Scotland and the rest of the UK. Please have a look at What's on for more information and details about screenings dates/times.

National Film Board of Canada

The McLaren Centenary Film Tour is supported by the BFI, which is awarding funds from the National Lottery and Film Hub Scotland, (which is part of the UK-wide BFI Film Audience Network).

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